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Thursday, March 14, 2013


We told you about the problem of assemblyman Arvin's nagging absence from assembly meetings since October.  And the attorney's opinion that says that calling it in from China is a good try but 90 or more and still counting days of being physically absent leaving an empty chair and missing name plate doesn't cut it.

We decided it was time for a open letter to Mr. Arvin   We know it didn't really help the ceremonial mayor make the right decision on his pick for the planning commission when he decided to stick with "his man".  But maybe with that attorney's opinion floating around with the ink hardly dry and knowing all the out of sorts constituents Mr. Arvin will have to come back to, that he will be persuaded to heed some advice and throw his feet up in China and enjoy himself so DISTRICT 3 can have an assembly member that likes talking to people in person instead of through speaker boxes, email and fax machines. 

Dear Mr. Arvin...

We could tell when we saw you last you were under a lot of stress. We hear rumors the job in another time zone is no bed of daisies even though it comes with some nice perks. The tone in your voice over that speaker box that we will always visualize when really seeing you in person again some day has had some statements and undertones emitted from it that made you beyond a bit disagreeable and down right grumpy many, many times.  

We are sure you didn't really think the audience was full of spruce hens and witch hunters. We got a good chuckle out of that! 

Trust us. It's just an increasingly big sea of people that care about some of the bad twists and turns the borough has been making the last few years. Towers popping up like chickweed, buckets of water being thrown at ethic and subdivision codes, master plans after years of work and public input thrown in shredders, threats of new "felony flat" development everywhere and don't even get us started on that ferry business. It's been like watching our future on the belt of an assembly line at a toilet plunger test factory.

Besides that the villagers are getting grumpy themselves at your long physical absence. They aren't near as forgiving as some of the members of the Matsu Business Alliance that are no doubt sharpening their pencils for a good ol' fashion letter campaign to save you. People in your district and the borough for which are paying your salary and benefits out of their taxes expect attendance by their assembly representative at their community council, road and fire service meetings now and again. 

The good news is we have made a lot of new friends putting in our time on those hard chairs in the audience at assembly meetings watching the wheels of government work. Folks on every end of the valley like to visit us here and there to find out what they missed. All kinds of folks..attorneys, engineers, contractors, teachers, farmers. business owners, developers, accountants,  public employees, ex-public employees, youngsters, retired and hard working folk. Yep and those "greenies" that give you a sour stomach. Nothin like family right? 

And you know what? Turns out a whole lot of that public that annoys you so much are thinking that they have a right to see your furled brow around the table and here in the same country that you were elected in because they gave you their vote and all. 

Now we know your friend the ceremonial mayor has a six page resolution he will be asking for support for from the assembly with 19 "whereas" about what a swell guy you are and how he knew all along you might be a little delayed coming home working on that "matter of national importance constructing facilities". That silly mayor he forgot the whereas that says you are reportedly making a pretty penny for all that "imporrrrrrrrrrrrten"stuff and you being a man of trickle down economics, and staunch defender of the open market, well it's a shame he missed that. 

So I guess we will see what happens at the assembly meeting next Tuesday. Pretty sure there will be a lot of arm waving from your friends at the table about how much of a "national importance" you are to their cause which is really to hold a majority in their quest at skulduggery in the borough. There will undoubtedly be at least someone at the long table that goes all Rodney King about "all just getting along". But we should be able when we don't to respectfully find some balance in our different views. We know the public deserves better than you have to give. 

We know you would rather be some where else. That you have proved. 

Not sure what day or time it is in China but the meeting is Tuesday/March 19th 6PM at the school district offices. There will be a presentation open to that pesky public at 4pm from state labor economist Neil Fried. We know Mr. Fried and his scientific economic data and forecasts are contrary always to your own doom and gloom forecasts for the valley but maybe you will tune in to hear the discussion after on preparing for the upcoming budget. Pretty sure you have already been dreaming of sharpening your samurai sword to go after that target again. Those reserves you poked holes in last year have just about drained it plum dry.    

Lastly we think maybe all that tropical heat that your residing in that your memory might be a little foggy.  You told the Frontiersman (and we hear you are just a media favorite everywhere you go!) that you would stack your "attendance record against any other assembly member past or present".  

You know how they say "so here's your sign"?  Well here's yours and it's your attendance record and there are a couple of assembly members and a whole lot of voters that might have a wee problem with that statement. 


  1. Clearly, this guy needs to resign or get booted.

  2. Again, I say, District 3 WAKE UP!!!


  3. Those who are trying to cover for Arvin's absences say he's on a mission of national importance....that's just plain bullsh.t. He's working for Weston Solutions on the AIT NOC project in Taiwan. It's a replacement office building for an existing office bldg. for a nonprofit called the American Institute in Taiwan. No national importance, not even an embassy.

  4. so what if he were working on a mission of national importance? if it was soooo important, he should never have run for office! his DISTRICT is most important or should be if he were a stand-up show-up kinda man. but, alas, we know he is not.
    District 3 needs to stand-up show-up and turn this mess around! and i know folks in the other districts are right there with you!