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Where’s mayor and assembly responsiveness and transparency on these issues?
  • Where are the figures to prove the FY14 borough budget makes economic sense for us?

  • Why no search for other revenues like motorized vehicle registrations, fees and enforcement of ordinances with stiff penalties to contribute to RSA road damages, EMS charges, and public property destruction?

  • Where’s overall enforcement to protect public health and property?

  • We build it and invite the outside, but are unwilling to ask them to pay or at least share payment of the costs they incur?

  • Why no search for savings or conservation, and why the resistance when savings or conservation is proposed?

  • What is the final cost of any project or proposal, how much is and what will pay for operations, maintenance, repairs, and replacement? what do you mean you can’t project costs?

  • How much does private enterprise contribute and why?

  • Why are the ceremonial mayor and assembly so quick to pay and assume risk with public funds for private enterprises?

  • What legacy will this mayor and assembly’s actions have left for the land and the people of the borough?

  •  Why has the Mat-Su Borough been ignoring the goals and policies of their Borough-wide Comprehensive Plan?

  •  Why have they not explained how their pie-in-the-sky dreams are supposed to benefit Borough residents and local communities? 
    An example, "Goal (
    E-2): Manage Borough owned lands in a manner that fosters economic development while ensuring quality of life.
    Policy E2-1: Consider impacts to surrounding properties when considering potential uses of public lands.
    Policy E2-2: Work with local communities to identify possible mitigation and/or enhancement plans when considering uses or sales of borough owned land.

    Policy E2-4: Consider potential impacts potential buyers/leasers of borough owned land may have on surrounding community."

  • "Do any of you understand what LOCAL government responsibility is?" Warren of course would get that answer right. The rest are clueless in their egotistically arrogant ignorance of what their oath meant.

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