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Monday, August 27, 2012


In case your livin under a rock, tomorrow is Primary Tuesday in Alaska and it will be your  chance to exercise the right to vote for who will be on the statewide election ballot in November.  Just to make it more interesting there are two ballot measures sprinkled in. 

Alaska Voting Information can be found on its usual hiding place on the state website.  We can't blame you if you didn't follow the musical chairs of re-districting but it has resulted in some pretty big changes in Mat-Su including a new district in the Knik area.  If all else fails you can vote a challenged ballot in any precinct but its far better to know where you are suppose to be so the right candidates show up on the menu.  

Folks are asking besides where-WHO and mostly in the MENARD/DUNLEAVY race.  Without going into a tirade about the old guard and the tea party who thirst for more power in Alaska and support  Mr. Dunleavy, we will gladly admit PERSONALLY we will be voting for MENARD tomorrow.  It's no secret the Citizen Lobbyist is no fan of extremists, likes balance and those in office that protect the public process and also more importantly by in large have no personal or hidden agenda.  MENARD is the one in this race. The Alaska Dispatch puts it well when they point out although Dunleavy claims in his ads has lived in the valley since 2000 actually it was 2004 when he became a resident. Stretching the truth about residency is nothing new but if that doesn't give you pause this sure does us. 

"Dunleavy has cast himself as a true conservative, in an area full of them. On social issues, he’s staunchly pro-life, believing that abortion should be illegal in all cases. He believes that his role as a senator is to think less about bringing home projects for his district and more about where the state is headed". 

How is that extremist thingy working for us again? Enough said.

As far as ballot measures go we are a THUMBS DOWN on Ballot Measure 1 which is full of ramifications like higher property taxes for many and might be considered by some a case of bait and switch if it passes. Which property would be effected looks to be rental property, business property, vacation cabins, raw land and you guessed it low cost housing. Don't want to forget to pile on the working poor.  

It's a THUMBS UP for Ballot Measure 2 the Coastal Management Program. And its not just because we happen to love that brilliant naked sign campaign some one came up with. There has been much disinformation on VOTE FOR THE COAST YES ON 2 but the man who knows bears the best, Rick Sinnett lays it out well with some history and facts in this article and well worth the read.  

After you cast your ballot tomorrow you can head over to another Special Assembly Meeting being held at 6pm at the school district. The self-proclaimed conservatives of this assembly just love to have special meetings and this one is all for discussion about...wait for it...yep the ferry. Held over from the last meeting this is the lone item on the agenda to discuss basically how much insurance to buy for the floating controversy. Never mind that they kicked it around like a hacky sack ball at the last meeting. No doubt there will be some after-primary election celebrations to get to so perhaps the boys will just give the ball another couple kicks accentuated by massive arm waving, act like they are pulling the money out of their own wallet and not the taxpayers and be done until the next hand wringing session.  

Your guess is as good as ours on the outcome of everything above.  The only thing you can count on is if you don't pay attention, which includes getting out and casting your vote it's almost certain that the results won't be pretty. 

That and you will need more than a sign to cover you up. 

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