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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Establishing protocol is always important. There have been numerous changes in borough meeting protocol by the mayor since he was elected in October. For example adding a place on every agenda for mayoral veto's.  Changing how the consent agenda is read and accepted.  After years of starting public testimony on any subject promptly at 7pm it now falls when the assembly works their way through the agenda to it.   All changes in the name of  meeting "efficiency".  

In this weeks packet page 81-82 is a informational memorandum that addresses who takes up the gavel when the mayor is temporarily absent or disabled so that the mayor's "legislation for debate and move of the vacancy report" is accomplished.  Normally its the deputy mayor but this memorandum acknowledges that there are times that the Deputy Mayor is absent or attending via teleconference therefore the mayor has decided that there should be a back up to the back up.  So in the name of meeting "efficiency" the mayor is able to hand the gavel to a guy who is there in case the guy that normally gets the gavel isn't there.  

Okay...I am feeling more efficient already.. are you?

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