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Monday, December 5, 2011

big dang meeting reminder.....

The reality of what it means to totally eliminate the Mat Su Borough tower ordinance,  the handy work of the current assembly a few meetings ago, has hardly been noticed. Well, tomorrow the same majority held group will take on the long stewing gravel ordinance. If the rules of gravel extraction and residents’ right to preserve clean water to drink aren’t enough fun for one meeting, the possibility of drastically changing the rules governing who votes on our local community councils AND how the public is allowed to testify at assembly meetings will be taken up as well. See the previous post for all the gory details of both.

Residents of the borough cannot be reminded enough that there are currently some loud voices that make up the majority at the assembly table.   This group has made it pretty clear that it's their intent to make "no rules development” in the borough the road more traveled.  It will be too late to scream and flail around after you’re itchin to sell to leave for warmer climates or to take care of sick or aged family members when the annual visit won’t do anymore.   You will find out your property values have taken a dive and your piggy bank is shrinking.  Or after years of driving the long Glenn Hwy five days a week, your Anchorage employer suddenly announces that they won’t be expanding to the valley after all because of the uncertainty of investment in our Borough brought on by the "no rules development” wrecking crew.  You’ll be a commuter a lot longer than you thought even though you got your road warrior badge years ago.

Tomorrow night is a big dang deal assembly meeting at 6pm at the Borough.  Even though the packet is only 500 plus pages it contains some giant issues that you need to weigh in on by either emailing assembly representatives before then or planning on being there  to give them your personal three minutes of enlightenment. To make it even easier here is the link to the calendar with agenda.

If you want to listen live AFTER you have emailed your thoughts to the assembly and stay home to put tape on your ho ho ho  Christmas wrap (although it seems much more effective to provide testimony in person) tune into Radio Free Palmer which will be streaming the meeting starting at 6pm.  

Cliff notes of the meeting will be posted here after the fun is over.  But it might not be pretty if you don’t do your job first and make some noise.

just sayin..

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  1. THANK YOU CITIZEN LOBBYIST! for all your hard work. be heartened that a growing community of people is joining you in your fight against the insanity that has taken over OUR assembly.