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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spinnin' like a top..make it stop!

The cliff notes to the six hour assembly meeting last night will have to wait until the assembly top turned a little off its axis stops spinning.  The biggest item on the agenda was the borough wide gravel ordinance including the assembly nod for gravel mining in the water table or is it mining our drinking water?  The ordinance passed after a three hour tit for tat only to have Assemblyman Woods from Palmer file a motion to reconsider the ordinance this morning on the “Yes” vote he cast. That puts the whole issue of a gravel ordinance back on the next regular assembly meeting agenda Dec 20th.  

And this is where I get a case of the vapors...

Not sure what that means or why Assemblyman Woods wants a “do over”, but might get some insight later when the assembly who clearly didn’t have enough fun last night, meets again at 6pm tonight.  Tonight’s meeting is to consider the re-write of the subdivision code sponsored by Assemblyman Colver. This tasty nugget gets a whole meeting to itself.  

Radio Free Palmer will be streaming the Matanuska Borough School Board Meeting at the same time thus no live coverage on this one.  But school issues are important too and sometimes they tie together like the perfect bow. 

If you’re not able to will yourself to the assembly meeting tonight (hey it was the place to be in Palmer last night the assembly played to a packed house) when the spinning queasiness is over we'll put our own spin on it here.
Let’s hope someone got their nap today…


  1. Pay attention! There is more fun to come despite the wishes of the property owners who want to protect their property values and some planning and zoning to create a predictable and "business friendly" environment. The "open for business" mantra of the current ASSembly is misguided and misinterpreted by the uninformed.

  2. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your tenacity in sitting through these horrendous happenings! i am beginning to think the ASSembly does it on purpose so intelligent people cannot bear to participate. i will stick it out, too. THEY CANNOT PREVAIL!

  3. Watch out. They're getting ready to smack us around again.