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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Probably a good reminder to fasten your seat belt a bit tighter before the next Assembly Meeting Tuesday.   Although the packet is only 771 pages for this meeting it has all kinds of nuggets of endless fun.  Unfinished business about a raise in sewer rates for Talkeetna and prioritizing the federal priority list. Turns out no matter how over reaching we still want our check from Uncle Sam for roads, rail, ferry landings, ski areas, food processing centers, visitor centers, fish passage, and  Palmer Hay Flats. At least those are in the starting blocks.  Good bet there will be a bridge thrown in there too and who knows "what else" and more importantly "how" the priority will be set.  

More in the next post on new business as we wade through the packet with the highlighter.  "Lime greed" this week doncha know.  

PS Here is the link to the packet if your fresh out of halloween novels. 

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