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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Assembly PC Kumbaya Meeting

The first official love fest of the new sitting MSB assembly and the borough planning commission was last night. Lots of back slapping, congratulations and glad your here got the night started.  Full horseshoe with most present plus the regular voice from afar, assembly member Arvin in what has become his normal way of attending assembly meetings via skype from somewhere in China.

First hot topic of the night was a concern a valley resident and retired state inspector raised regarding unlicensed plumbing contractors in the valley.  Seems that the lack of oversight  (no permitting etc)  that folks in the valley are getting ripped off by less than scrupulous builders and causing a big expensive problem with homeowners that have no recourse. Two members of the PC are respected borough builders and they were quick to chime in that they wholeheartedly agreed and that the borough needs to do more to protect contractors that play by the rules from those that don't.  However the suggestion of even mild regulation or oversight by the  borough brought screams of "growing government" and "starting more bureaucracy" from several members of both bodies.  Good guess it is as dead as guppies in boiling water. Sorry waitress that saved her tips for 20 years to buy a humble abode.  You'll be waiting on a few more tables if you want your toilet water not to come up in your sink.


  1. The borough is open for business as usual I see.

  2. We need to be concerned about more than just plumbing. There are safety issues as well. People seem to forget that we're in an earthquake zone. The only way to really know if a building is earthquake safe is to inspect it before everything is covered up.

  3. The only response the mayor gave was "we'll look into it" I would frost that cupcake dead.