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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Assembly Meeting Tonight

Just a reminder that MSB Assembly meets tonight to chew up and spit out some interesting legislation.  The fun and frolic starts at 6pm and you can find the full agenda and packet at

Cliff notes posted above of my quick run through  with some expected highlights.  If you just can't get away from the leftover Halloween candy and throw your coat on to come yourself you can always listen online at starting at 6pm. Something to do while the paint dries.  You wont get all the arm waiving, side glances, and lip reading but let your imagination run wild!

Word has it the mayor has had his veto pen busy again.  This time in regards of legislation that was narrowly passed last meeting regarding keeping a set amount in the general fund balance sponsored by Assembly members Halter and Keough.  Increasing  the reserve from $750,000 to 1.2M  for emergencies and to maintain the borough bond rating seemed pretty cut and dried and seemingly the self proclaimed fiscally conservative mayor went along with it.  Perhaps a trip to the wood shed changed his mind.  Your guess is as good as mine but when I pick myself off the floor after the meeting tonight will make an effort to let you know.

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