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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Surveyor Stimulus Bill

Tonight the Assembly takes up revisions to the mandatory land use permit, and general standards for flood hazard reduction by assembly member Colver whose full time business is as a land surveyor.  Colver dons his cape to bring part of his bigger plan to revise the subdivision code to "stimulate the economy of the borough through regulatory reform" .  Not sure how to put into words the implications of changing this process now in this increased era of eliminating anything and all things that SOME perceive as standing in the way of regaining or adding to their fat cat status and how its being done.  We do know that SOME assembly members have a pretty messy process and reputation for leaving a large stinky unwanted wake of the expected eventual outcome.

Special meeting starts at the borough at 6pm tonight.  Still seeing if I can muster the courage after what happened Tuesday with the tower ordinance to sit through another expected not so good outcome. Who knew there were limits to the weekly intake of the churning of local legislation.   Am hearing report there will be scouts on the ground though.. Before you head to the meeting you might want to thumb through the packet

It's a dozy!

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