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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

While your waiting...

Much pencil sharpening taking place to craft the report that's in the hopper on yesterday's Joint Assembly/School Board Meeting and the anything but normal Assembly Meeting following. Meanwhile we encourage you to read this article by fellow blogger Jeanne Devon.  While Citizen Lobbyist tries to stay out of the fights in the chicken coop between parties, Ms. Devon hit's the nail on the head about the seriousness of the War on Women by one party and it's elected officials. It's a must read. 

Regular (we use that term loosely until its occurred) Matanuska School Board Meeting tonight at 6pm at Palmer High.  Radio Free Palmer will be streaming live.  For you podcast lovers the tab on the RF Site has been moved to the drop down menu under "select program" for your listening pleasure. Lot of good stuff there to balance out your day.  

Some weeks are endless fun!

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