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Monday, April 16, 2012


Snow is melting, migrating birds are arriving and spring fever is in full swing. But HEY this is not the week to ignore what’s happening at your local government.  

Huge issues front and center. Or Katie Bar the Budget Door

Today (Monday April 16th) at 4pm the Assembly gets a look at the Manager's Overview of the Proposed Budget and Review of Departmental Budgets.  All indications are that the majority of the borough assembly is looking for a way to decrease this annual budget but at what costs in personnel and services to the public? Some assembly members disguised as small government guys really we want our guy government guys, seem to believe that everything should pay for itself but yet seem to be on a quest to yank everything off the budget table that looks like funding for services. That's a three legged stool without a leg. Its up to the public to give input for decisions on the budget that are for the good of the general population and not just a tool for a future sound bite in someone's upcoming candidacy. Feet need to be held to the fire.
Just Like a Bad Penny that Keeps Turning Up

Tuesday (April 17th) at 2pm a Special Assembly Meeting takes up changes to the borough subdivision code.  How we develop borough land, our neighborhoods, roads, trails, parks etc has big health, safety and quality of life impacts. Previous work of this assembly has eliminated any regulation for tall structures (towers), allowed for mining in the gravel table, watered down the ethics code, gerrymandered the agenda many times over and cut off public testimony.  What's that tell you about their views on the public process, quality of life issues and protection of the residents of the borough? We are hopeful this will get another punt right into a better public process but don't count on it. 

Tuesday (April 17th) 6 pm (Yep same day!)
Pack your dinner because there is a full agenda in store with ordinances on proposed changes in borough elections and how changes impact the cities, possible loss of revenue to the borough by repeal of existing ordinances for business inventory taxes and business licensing, changes to allowable amplified noise in the borough,(moving items around so we can’t find ‘em) supplemental funding to Academy Charter (fast becoming the best funded school charter school in the borough) and approval of a new location for Fronteras Charter School (sorry Fronteras looks like you only get dirt) on borough land. 

All big issues that you can learn more about in the packet.  Weigh in with your assembly representative by the links provided on the right of the blog. Better yet come warm a chair!  

Assembly wont have all the fun there's more…
School is still in session...There’s some learnin to do.

School Board meets Wed/April 18 @6pm taking on its own full agenda to approve the Birchtree Charter school calendar and renewal of the school charter. Expect some lively conversation under non action items when a discussion on school schedules is taken up.  After one year of changes to start and release times and moving from a 6 to 7 period day there are no shortage of opinions on the impacts of that move. 

Luckily we have the fortune of having Radio Free Palmer our community radio that will be present streaming actions of the Assembly starting at 2pm Tuesday throughout the evening and again at the school board meeting Wednesday at 6pm. While you’re at their website taking advantage of this great area service, please use the donate button to become a member or renew your existing membership.  They have bills to pay too and need your donation to continue their good service.  

We will endeavor to post the results of today's borough budget presentation.  There are sure to be some great reactions to report. That is if we can pick ourselves up off the floor from the experience.


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